About Us

The mission of SolarGuat is to sell energy efficient products offering high quality energy solutions with exceptional customer service. SolarGuat works directly with manufacturers to ensure the best value available.

Energy efficiency should always be the first consideration for reducing electricity costs, therefore SolarGuat offers a wide range of LED bulbs and tubes. Because LEDs are close to three times as efficient as fluorescents and five times as traditional incandescents, SolarGuat always recommends replacing all your bulbs first, then consider other solutions, such as solar. Not only are LEDs more efficient in turning electricity into usable light, but they last much longer, reducing maintenance time and costs. Another advantage is that LEDs are directional, meaning you can aim the light where you need it. Though LEDs are currently more expensive, because of their dramatic advantages, they pay for themselves in less than 2 years.

SolarGuat sells Trina solar panels, an internationally recognized and reliable brand, and have installed dozens of systems (see our Projects page), both residential and commercial. In Guatemala, electricity generated from solar panels can be fed into the grid and your meter will actually turn backwards. At night use ‘free’ electricity from the grid that you’ve stored up. Therefore, the goal of most installations is to pay no monthly electricity bill. You can expect a return on investment of 4-5 years and you will owe nothing for 20 years or more. Use our simple System Calculator to get an estimate of what an installed system will cost.

To further take advantage of the sun’s free energy, SolarGuat also sells solar hot water heaters. Here, a unit mounted on your roof heats water and sends it to your house or business, much like a traditional hot water heater. Installing these systems is especially advantageous if you heat your water with electricity and not natural gas.

SolarGuat is also addressing another energy need, transportation, by offering a range of electric-assist bicycles. Drive up to 30 km on a single charge, without pedaling, or, get some exercise in by doing some pedaling and get even further down the road.

Take a look at our products (see our Products page) or stop by our showroom in zone 1. Got questions? Call us or send us an email using the Contact Us page.

Whether you want to do-it-yourself, or have it professionally installed, SolarGuat can help you achieve your goals.